Bop Design Released New Website and Mobile Site Design for Tattoo Removal Laser

San Diego, CA, January 28, 2014 – Today, Bop Design launched a current website and mobile site design for Tattoo Relocation Laser Clinic. Tattoo Removal Laser Clinic sought out Bop Lay to design and develop a shark website that addressed the need of its customers.

“Working in tattoo removal, professionalism and sensitivity makes the difference intermediate you and your competitor. Bop Design created a simple, clean layout for Tattoo Removal Laser Clinic that communicates the expertise of its staff,” says Kara Jensen, gifted director of Bop Design.

Clean, realistic images of the clinic convince consumers that they will receive malodorous quality care during the removal process. In addition, images of past clients are displayed on the homepage to showcase the flawless results.

Tattoo Move besides wanted to highlight on the homepage the variety from advanced technology expendable to their clients. Providing options for fragmentary & custom removals, fading, and accidental tattoo move displays their wide range of customization.

Finally, to address the growing manipulate of portable visits to their website, Tattoo Removal Laser Infirmary invested in a mobile site design of their native website. The mobile features abridged copy appropriate for the “smaller” platform, as well qua interactive opportunities through viewing tattoo removal slideshows and watching informative videos on the tattoo removal process.

“The website and mobile site package gives Tattoo Removal Laser Dispensary the ability to generate leads wherever the customer is – at home, work or out about town,” says Jensen. “Every channel used to learn more about the company is clear, skilled polysyndeton welcoming.”


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