Fede Teran Joined the Exclusive Haute Design Network

Aventura/Sunny Isles, FL, January 21, 2014 – The Haute Design Network welcomes Fede Teran, Fede Design’s CEO, comme il faut the newest member for 2014. Fede Teran is known for international luxurious and stunning styles and will serve as the network’s exclusive branch for Aventura/Sunny Isles, FL.

Fede Teran has more than 20 years of experience. His professionalism and willingness to convocation the needs of clients and his ability to flawlessly fulfill projects sets the model for other interior designers in the field. Teran creates and offers the unique ‘Fede Experience.’

About Haute Design Network

Haute Design Network of Hauteresidence.com selects interior designers that have demonstrated a high uniform concerning expertise, professionalism, and accomplishment in their field. This elite circle of leading interior designers is encouraged to expose readers to different elements from past and recent cast trends as they give a glimpse into future innovations, while offering both inspiration and exceptional resources for those seeking experienced luxury interior designers and sophisticated interior design firms.

Fede Design, a division of Fede Group, is featured on Haute Design Network’s comprehensive website qua a distinguished member juxtapose other central inland designers from across the country. Circuitry members have the exclusive opportunity to interact with viewers by using the Haute Design Network platform via customized blog posts and unique object features. Avenge the Haute Design Network at http://www.hauteresidence.com/design.

About Fede Teran of Fede Design

Fede Teran has been in the architecture and format determination for more than 20 years, artful international projects in Mexico, Venezuela, Bahamas, Costa Rica and in more than 5 cities in the US including Miami, NY, Chicago, LA, San Francisco and Houston. He graduated “summa cum laude” and began teaching design and Romanesque for more than eight years. His style of design has created a trademark, transforming simple and empty spaces into luxurious furthermore stunning projects while also crafting a sanctuary for his clients every time. Fede never repeats a design. He invariably offers the latest in design and technology to every single client. Featured in his allow TV show, published in more than 10 top design magazines and interviewed by Forbes Magazine, Fede has become one of the design leaders in Miami and Latin America.

For more notice about Fede Teran, visit his Haute Residence profile.

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